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This is a great big hook.Works well for grabbing those bigger items and safely storing them on the wall.It has protective rubber coatings to protect your gear from scratching.Every garage normally has a few of these hanging around.

70mm wide x 200mm high x 220mm deep. Click this tab to see more of this item in use.

We have a large range of straight hooks from 100mm up to 300mm in 50mm increments. The hooks are made from strong 6mm wire that is welded onto a back plate then powder coated black to protect them.

These hooks are very strong. Go to T19 tab in our Tidywall storage panels ( in the walls section ) to see a sample of their strength.

We have hung 40 kilos in weight off just 1 - 300mm long straight hook with no problems at all..

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Our grip everything hook is a magic hook.

This unique hook traps anything that has a handle up against the wall while the weight of the object keeps it trapped there.

Rubber coating to protect your goods.

80mm wide x 130mm high.

Can grip anything with a radius of 45mm.

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Our work hook is the baby brother of the big work hook.Small but still just as useful.

Designed to grab items and trap them to the wall.

Protective coating stops scratching to your goods.

Measures 80mm wide x 140mm high x 110 deep.

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This loop hook is big and strong and is a totally multi functional accessory.

We use these for ladders, wheel barrows, surfboards, extension cords, garden hoses and on and on.

A couple of these will not go astray.

Measures out at 225mm wide x 100 high x 200 deep.

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A great idea for storing your bike off the floor.

We prefer to use our bike and baskets when possible as the bike hook will make your bike protrude into the garage twice as much as a bike and basket.

We find using these in the corners next to your garage door very useful.

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100mm wide x 250mm high x 100mm deep.

This large J hook is a simple design that gives you scores of organising opportunities. Super strong, super simple and very affordable J design traps your goods against the wall.

Measures 30mm wide x 75mm high x 40mm deep.

This handy hook is a very useful little accessory.We use these for hundreds of different applications.Pictures, calenders, coat hangers or even some old organizers you have lying around that you want to use on your new Tidywall or Garage grid.

25mm wide x 70mm high x 15 deep. Click the tab to see more.

This is the big everything hook, very strong continuous 8 mill wire welded and powder coated.

This hook has a great reach off the wall for those hard to hang items like lawn mowers, whipper snippers, items with wheels, garden tools and any other thing that comes to mind.

This is the beauty of this whole system everything is adjustable and all the accessories are multi functional.

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Measures out at 60mm wide x 75mm high x 230mm deep.

Our peg hooks are very strong and in-expensive.

Every wall storage system should have a couple of these.Great for displaying all your tools above a workbench.

Powder coated welded wire.Very low key, very useful.

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Sticks out from the wall 40mm.

Great for hanging stuff behind doors.

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We like this big tool rack so much we also showed it in our hanger category.

Three big wavy hooks above to carefully store your long handled gear.

3 pairs of hooks below for more long hanging

All in all a great big hook with hundreds of uses.

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Measures out at 570mm wide x 100mm high x 240mm deep.

This is the big everything's little brother.

Very handy when you need a double hook set up with maximum strength.This is a great all rounder hook that has multiple uses all around the garage and home.

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65mm wide x 75 high x 65 deep.

Works great for skate boards.

This little organizer has a lot of bang for the buck.

Originally designed to carry 2 snow ski's and some ski poles.

Well not much snow up here in the sunny state, so we have been using them as a multi functional hook.Why not it has 4 large prongs welded to a steal plate.

Super strong, use your imagination with all our accessories and show us what you come up with.

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They measure out at 120mm wide x 80mm high x 100 deep.

This small J hook is a handy little item to have on hand used for just about any application that needs a strong secure hook to hold it on the wall. Very strong, very simple and very handy.Click this tab for more information.

Measures 30mm wide x 70mm high x 25mm deep.

Garage storage hooks are the most popular items for garage organising.

We have a wide range of hooks for almost anything you may want to hang.

Scroll over the grey tabs to learn more. Click on the tabs to even see more pictures of that hook in action.

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