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Our design team had the challenge put to their table with this design.

The problem was where to put the big, big stuff like mowers, eskies, wheel barrows, big boxes, gardening gear and everything else that was to to big for cabinets but had to be hidden and easily accessible at the same time. The answer ? A cleverly designed big box that is purpose built for each separate garage. These enclosures work a treat. Click on the enclosure silver tab to see more.


Pulling or backing into your garage starting to stress you out?

Putting a few dings in the walls or personal belongings? Have tennis balls hanging from your ceiling to help you stop in the right place? Well those days are over. These electronic parking aids will stop you in the right place time after time no worries. Click on the parking aid tab to see more.


Another nifty idea. Parking pads, used to help stop your car from travelling further than you want.

Also used as a barrier between your cars hot tyres and your floor below.

There is a chemical they put into car tyre rubber to stop them from cracking. This is great for your tyres, terrible for your garage floor.

Hot tyres can stain an untreated garage floor.

Called vulcomized rubber transfer meaning that ever time you pull your car into a stop a very small amount of rubber is released onto the floor. Not enough to notice right away but after awhile you will notice dirty tyre marks where your car travels. Because concrete is porous and sucks in this rubber it is almost impossible to scrub out and make it go away. These parking pads eliminate that problem. Click the silver button to learn more.


Once we found these steel tool chests we never looked back. People love them for them selves or for a great gift to a friend or family member.

Check out more by clicking on the tool chest tab.


Hoisters have been around for centuries. This is a new twist and a wonderful addition to our ceiling storage solutions. Using our 4 point hoisting system with a ready made 1800mm x 800mm grid platform. You can now effortlessly raise and lower any gear you have.

No ladders here. With our hoisters automatic braking system you don't have to worry about accidents either.

click on the silver tab to see more.


This has got to be the next best idea behind sliced bread.

If you burn timber at your home then you can instantly see the benefits of these firewood trolley's. Powder coated steel with super strong lockable castors. These trolleys do two important things to instantly make your life easier.

The first is it houses all your timber neatly in one place off the floor and be readily available without the mess normally associated with a pile of firewood.

Secondly it allows you to move the firewood to where you need it. Pick up is easy after delivery, just roll it out to the drop off point and load up. Wheel it to the fire and unload. Then wheel it to its home an leave it there.

These steel boxes look great empty or full.

Give us a call for more information.


This super quiet vacuum is the bees knees of vacuums. It is totally portable so you can move it around anywhere you want. It has great suction that matches up against any professional vacuums available anywhere. The hose extends an unbelievable 10 meters so you can go anywhere in the garage or out. The best part though is that it is quiet, very quiet. Comes with every fitting you may ever need for any purpose. Hangs securely off the wall but is also portable so you can take it anywhere you want.

Give us a call to get more information on this little sucker.

New Garage Storage Products come our way all the time.

We invite you to check this page periodically to see if what we have new fits in with you, or someone you may know.

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