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Some people only purchase the front park pads to help them stop safely in their garage.

These measure out at 500mm wide x 800mm long and have a 60mm high stop bend to safely stop your cars slow forward movement.

These pads can be secured to the floor with either silicon, double side tape of with anchor bolts for a permanent fixing.


Picture of our flat stops.

Made from solid checker plate steel they measure out at 500m wide and 700mm long.

When used in combination with the front pads you will give yourself total floor protection from hot tire marks.

Hot tire marks in bare concrete is almost impossible to scrub out.

Hot tire marks on Epoxy will scrub off with a lot of elbow grease. Hot tire marks on Fastfloor will scrub off also.

Nothing can penetrate the epoxy or Fastfloor so it lays on top.

Close up shot of front pad showing checker pattern.

Stopping bend made for the tires to stop against.

There are holes pre-drilled into the pads for permanent fixing.

Silicon or double sided tape also work for securing these pads if care is taken pulling onto and off when entering or leaving your garage.

Basically if you pull in fast or burn out on your way out you should permanently fix these to your floor.

Up close shot showing pre-drilled holes for permanent fixing. Also a nice picture of the level of quality in the powder coating.

Up close shot of the whole back parking pad sitting on our Fastfloor tiles. This is held in place with clear silicon which doesn't allow it to move when your car is travelling over it but does allow you to detach it from the tiles if you want to move them.

These new Parking Pads are made tough. Solid checker plate steel that has a bullet proof baked on powder coat finish.

Made to stop your car in the same place ever time and also protect your floor from vulcomized rubber transfer staining.

They work great on bare concrete and also give that added protection on our epoxy of Fastfloor garage floor treatments.

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