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A good picture of platform being lowered.

From here you can just let go of the rope load or unload your gear and raise it back up to the ceiling. Throw the end of the rope onto the platform and your away.

Hassel free hoisting.

Shot of the platform being lifted back up after loading it.

These platforms have a 90kg lifting capacity and work a treat every time.

You can see more of this concept in our ceiling section under Hoisters gallery 1 picture.

Up up and away.

Out of sight out of mind.

Put away out of harms way when you don't need to use it.

Easily lowered within seconds to your comfortable working height when you do need it.

Camp gear, Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing, files... this list could go on and on. Heck you could put a bed up there if you wanted but only if your a still sleeper.

Give us a call to find out more.


Bring your gear to you, no more ladders.

Our hoisting systems are super steady. They go straight up and straight down without any rocking what so ever.

You can let go of the rope at any stage of travel and the hoisters automatic brake will catch it and trap it at the height you let go at.

This is a good feature especially when you have heavier gear and you don't want to pick it up off the floor.

Just lower the platform to a comfortable working height.

Let go of the rope and load or unload the platform with total safety and ease.

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