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Up close picture of the park zone.

3 lights green = Go forward

Orange = Slow down

Red = Stop

This section of the park zone unit is placed on the wall at same height as your rear view mirror.

Once the car enters the garage the beam shoots out from the lower unit, set at bumper height, registering your car bumper. Once you hit the zone the green light goes on. Continue forward until the orange light turns on to let you no that your park zone is five feet away. At this point you slow down, once you get to your pre-set park zone the red light goes on. Stop! That's it. Real easy and no more bumper smashes. Works the same way when you reverse. These make great gifts for the people who almost have everything.

This is a picture of the lower section of the park zone.

We set this about 500mm off the floor or at the cars bumper height. Park the car in front of it at the point you want to stop. Press the button on the top of the unit and it sends an invisible beam out ot your car bumper and registers the distance to stop. Once the distance is registered the upper unit will blink its colours to let you know it. At that point let go of the button, its all set, that easy.

Now when ever you pull the car in it will stop you there. We attach these to the wall with double sided tape, no need for tools.

Up close shot of the upper unit.

Made from ABS plastic. Strong but light enough to install, semi permanently, with double sided tape. Take it with you when you go.

This unit comes protectively boxed with complete easy to read instructions. They run off two batteries and make great gifts.


This new product is a great invention. Battery operated so you don't need an electrician to hook it up. Just place it on your wall, set it to where you want your car to stop and that's it.

The red light will go on exactly where you set it every time.

Works great for when you are reversing in, green light go, orange light slow down, red light stop. That's it.

Simple, inexpensive, easy to install and looks good.

What more could you ask for.

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