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Close up shot of the big boy heavy duty storage shelf up high and our 180 steel shelves in the middle.

We carry 3 sizes of steel shelving to suit different applications.

Another glamour shot of our steel shelves in action.

These shelves keep everything close to the wall and safe from falling.

Stacking on the weight is no problem at all for any of our steel shelves.

The 100 and 180 deep shelves can handle loads well beyond a hundred kilos.

This is our s-100 steel shelf.

It measures out at 780mm wide x 100mm deep and works great above a workbench for spray packs, jars, small containers and whatever else you have that you want displayed right out front.

This is our S-180 steel shelf.

It measures out at 780mm wide x 180mm deep. This shelf works great for paint tins, tool chests, car care products and anything else you might have sitting on the floor that doesn't require a bigger shelf.

The s-1200 doing what it does best storing heavy gear.

This shelf measures out at 1200mm wide x 470mm deep and can support weights up to 150 kilos.

People use these as workbenches.

Set at about 900mm off the ground. You can see more of these being used as workbenches in our workbench section under steel workbenches.

Even though they make great benches we have these made for people that need maximum weight shelving this is also adjustable.

Tidywall and the S-1200's are made for one another. They complement each other perfectly.

This shot tells a big story we have that chest which is full of tools to the top,

at least 60 kgs in it. We know, we put it up there.

Then you have two full 20 litre water bottles on top of that.

All weighting up at over 100kgs and we could of still added heaps more weight.

Steel shelves for your garage this is our rolls royce for shelving, solid steel shelving that has a baked on powder coat finish.

These shelves are all adjustable on our Tidywall storage panels only.

They will last your children's, children's lifetime.

They look great and are designed to be highly functional.

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