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A very handy bracket to have around if you have one of our wall storage systems in place.

We have accessories for almost anything already, but if we don't this little bracket may help you hang it.

Zinc coated and comes with nut & bolt.

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This is our strong arm bracket. This has hundreds of uses.

Buy two and put your own shelf on it.

Stores timber and other items nicely.

Surfboards, kayaks, fishing rods, tent poles and the rest.

Can handle loads up to 90 kilos per arm and measure out at 145mm x 160mm x 500mm deep.

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We use these plates to hang all our cabinets off the floor and onto our panels or grids.

They have pre-drilled holes in them so you can bolt these onto whatever you want and then clip them on and off our storage walls.

They measure out up to 70 kilos per plate - 50mm x 80mm x 2mm.

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This is our big boy back bracket.

We use these on all our heavier cabinets to be hung off our wall storage system.

We also use these for heaps of other applications.

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Measures out at 145mm x 160mm x 2mm

and up to 80 kilos per plate.

These are a very handy little bracket.

Light weight and used solely to carry 16mm - 18mm thick shelves.

If you have a couple of shelves lying around your house that you want to hang these work well.

We strongly recommend not to go over 300mm deep with your shelves.

Each bracket has a weight load rating of 12 kilos so the more you use these brackets the stronger your shelf becomes.

They measure out 60mm deep x 40mm wide x 40mm high.

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This is our 1020 bracket hooking into our garage grid.

You can add our grid shelves to the top to make a deep shelf. This gives you 130 kilos of weight capacity.

If you chain the front of the shelf to a rafter in your ceiling you will get 250 kilo capacity.

Some people just use the bracket only for boards, rafts, kayaks and any thing else that needs to be suspended without needing a shelf platform.

This bracket measures 1020 x 145mm and can be bolted to the wall with our bracket shims. for an additional cost.

Close up shot of grid brackets hooked into our Garage Grids.

This also works just as well hooked into our Tidywall panel.

Made from solid powder coated steel for strength and durability.

Close up shot of our 250mm grid bracket hanging off a garage grid.

All powder coated white.

We have 4 different sized grid brackets and all can be sold separately without the grid shelves.

1020mm deep x 150mm high

600mm deep x 150mm high

450mm deep x 80mm high

250mm deep x 80 high.

All of these brackets will need our bracket shims in order to fix straight onto a masonry or timber stud wall.

These are not recommended to be used on steel framed walls without our wall storage system in place first.

Good shot of our garage grid set up.

Garage grids on the wall.

Grid brackets on the grids.

Grids on the brackets.

This wall has

2 x 1220 x 600 garage grids on wall

2 x 1220 x 250 garage grids on wall

2 x 1220 x 1020 grid shelf up high with rafter chains.

2 x 1220 x 600 grid shelves below and

4 x 1220 x 250 grid shelves.

All adjustable all highly functional.

Our garage grid brackets are worthy of a second mention.

We showed these brackets in our shelving section if you want to view more of these powder coated steel brackets.

We are showing them again because they also have a function on their own.

Surfboards, kayaks, paddles, timber and any other long items you want off the floor love to sit on these brackets.

Made to hook onto our Tidywall or Garage Grid wall storage systems.

They can be permanently fixed to the wall with our plate shims sold separately.

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Garage storage brackets are an important part of our accessory line. These little fittings work great when you want to attach an item to our Tidywall or Garage Grid wall storage systems, with these brackets you can.

Just bolt any of our brackets onto the item you want to hang and then just simply clip onto the wall system.

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