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Our square modular grid is an quick easy fix for instant organisation.

A couple of close up shots of the pop box smalls doing what I like them doing, organising things.

These are heavy duty little boxes that you can easily fill to the tip with pure steel.

These are a hobbiest of any sorts best friend you can see these in action in the benches category under VP bench tops.

Pop box big, keep all the possible dangerous, if in the wrong hands, spray paint tins safe away and soundly bunched together. No dropping explosions here.

A black pop box jumbo on Tidywall panels. Teach your children to be organized or better yet just unclip the basket and take it with you in an orderly manner never lose a ball again. Clip it back on the wall ready to go and all highly visible.

This could be bags of potting mix also or anything else you don't want spilling onto your floor.

We have these jumbo's pictured all throughout our website in clients garages keep an eye out for clever ideas.

Jumbo clear pop box doing a good job of keeping these masks in one place.

Just fill with water and soap a quick rinse and they are all clean. Two tricks for one purchase.

Large clear pop box sitting pretty on a garage grid, displaying this business owners product brochures.

A closer up shot on how well these boxes keep valuables separated and organized.

Works well for the fishing buff with a million pieces of fishing gear.

What a money shot, I think this picture translates best what we are trying to explain a garage does. Not have to look messy to be a garage. It could look like you live the rest of your life, classy and efficient.

Another close up of what it could look like. Just unclip and take it to the park or beach. Put the wet towels back in the box till you hit the laundry room back home.

This is what one of our wall storage systems allows you to do. Live in control of clutter. Its only bad if its the master. Pop boxes put you back in control.

Another idea for a jumbo pop box.

Who doesn't have tins of paint around laying on the floor.

Fill it up this box is strong, get it off the floor today.

Dirty skates, work boots, towels, tool hardware all have a home and when they move out, just wash it out for the next occupants.

We are into simple solutions that work for you.

Honey ! where are my paint brushes will become a distant echo soon enough. This large pop box handles gear like this, no worries.

Joan Treasure Convey

" The big ham."

Sitting sweet in one of our large pop boxes. Maybe the kindy might want to get their hand on a few of these. No spills here.

Thank you Joan.

Very nice shot looking into somebodies interpretation of organisation. they did a great job.

Pop box smalls looking very military, all in order waiting for the next command, go on solider get organized, join the Garage Revolution!

Nice shot of Garage Grids and large pop boxes in action, plenty of room for plenty more.

Nice side shot on how using different sized boxes works well to create your maximum result in a limited area.

Now do you see what I'm talking about. This is new school organising. Beats the heck out of lidded jars any day of the week. Put all of these small pops into a jumbo pop and carry it all - to the work site.

Nice line up of a few crate boxes ready to be filled. Easy to clean, strong ventilated storage boxes that actually look good enough to go anywhere in the house or office.

1.2 meters of garage grids, pop boxes and crate boxes.

This is a wall section in our showroom. We put all our brochures and flyers for our customers to take home. We only use the product we sell and believe in for all our showroom fitouts.

A good shot of our two different hobby box sizes fitting nicely on one of our square grids.

You can hang a lot of compartments on one 600 x 550 grid.

Lots of buttons and marbles being stored here.

Another close up of our large hobby boxes organsing some serious hobby gear. Now where are those pink beads?

Large hobby box floating these floats.

We are sure the fishing community can appreciate this, sitting in the garage the night before, spooling reels, sharpening hooks, packing tackle boxes and all the while your rods are safely stored on the wall in front of you. Safely stored out of harms way.

This is the baby in the hobby box range. They will fit onto our panel or grid system and work well anywhere in the house. Great semi transparent plastic containers used for nuts, bolts, screws, beads, luck charms, or whatever else you would want to keep together and organized in one place. Put them in the kitchen as spice holders, honestly these hobby boxes can really put to order the small fiddly items that you always seem to keep buying over and over again.

Comes in blue and clear

measures 109mm wide x 75mm high x 114 deep.

These handy little hobby boxes are made from super tough, impact modified, fade resistant virgin polypropylene that will easily you for years and years to come.

These work great for retail, office, workshop, home garage, laundry and for all your fiddley craft items.

Mix this big hobby box with the smaller ones to maximise your area. Comes in blue and clear

measures out at 114 mm wide x 75 high x 198 deep.

Fits on our Tidywall panels and Garage grids systems.

This is our big boy basket. There is not enough room to write down all the uses this big box has, being totally portable you can carry this box from place to place. Works well for any liquids or spray cans, petrol cans, oil containers, poisons, fertilisers, car care products and anything else you have laying around that you don't what anything leaking out of. Also does a great job storing all your dry goods basically a basket is just a shelf with walls around it! These baskets trap your goods inside so they don't fall out.

All our pop boxes are sturdy and stylish. Your garage is part of your home it deserves the best products.

The big pop box is not as wide as the jumbo so it can fit into its own unique place. These pop boxes are still big enough to handle a lot and can be used in the same manner as the jumbo's. They are made to keep things in it, dry and wet. Comes in black, white, and clear and can hang of our Tidywall panels and Garage grids.

Measures out at 280mm wide x 170 high x 375 long

This is the pop box cube. A real nifty size to keep everything close to the wall and close at hand. We use these all the time to round out our clients storage box needs.

These work well to keep similar items together and doesn't allow them to get lost in the bigger boxes. Paint brushes, paints, pencils, pens and everything else you want to get a hassle free hand on.

Can be hung off our Tidywall panels and garage grid systems.

Measures out at 140 mm wide x 180 high x 140 deep

The smallest of the pop series but not the least useful. We have installed hundreds of these little boxes above our clients workbenches we custom made for them. These pop box smalls work well for organising your small items like, nails, screws washers, bolts, nuts, small parts and what ever else you need to put to order.

Ok so you say you put all these items into glass jars and it works fine till it breaks. Just put all your jars into our pop boxes and they will never break. Unclip the box and take to your job site. Saves you trips and accidents.

Hangs off our Tidywall or Garage grid system.

Measures out at 140mm wide x 95mm high x 130mm deep.

The crate box is another large basket that sits flat and has sides with a crate design to give you maximum visibility in to the box. Also allows for ventilation if you were storing clothes, papers or anything else that needs air circulation. Made from super tough, impact modified, fade resistant, virgin polypropylene. That will last for years carrying big loads. These crate boxes go good anywhere in the office, wardrobe, laundry, kids room, garage and any where else.

Easy to clean and move around.

We love multi, functional storage products. black clear an white and measures out at

344 deep x 560mm wide x 98mm high

The crate box medium is a great basket has all the same features as the bigger large crate box but can fit into tighter spaces that can maximise your area better. Also handy for more target specific items that you want bunched together like brochures, gold balls, hand towels and the like.

Comes in black, white and clear and measures out at 280mm wide x 90 high and 344 deep


We just love these plastic storage boxes. They are light weight but super strong. They come in heaps of different sizes and colours to compliment any decor theme you are trying to create.

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